Are the Foxes Hounding my Pet?

Urban foxes are inquisitive but by nature there is nothing to distinguish their genetic make up to rural foxes and they are generally timid creatures, especially where close up contact to humans are concerned so if you’re out walking your dog, there is far more chance of another dog causing you problems than the fox will. And, unfortunately, because of the expense involved alongside the difficulty of getting rid of an entire urban fox population, local authorities tend not to have any policies in place to rid an area of a particular problem. Therefore, it’s best to adopt an attitude that the fox shares your urban environment but to also realise that they are highly unlikely to cause you any harm.

More often than not, if it came too close, your Westie would most probably react by barking or growling and this would most likely make the fox run off. The only time a small dog might get injured by a fox is where the fox was injured and the dog got too close to it whereby it might attack in self-defence or if a dog was to disturb a den, especially if it was a vixen defending her cubs but that’s clearly not the case here. Therefore, you shouldn’t really be concerned.

One solution if you’re still nervous might be to carry a dog repellent alarm which gives off either a high-pitched audible or ultrasonic sound. These run off batteries and can be carried in your pocket. Then, if the fox (or an aggressive dog for that matter) got too close, a quick blast of the alarm will usually stop it in its tracks and have it retreating or it will at least keep the fox at a safe distance.

If, however, you become concerned that the fox may be intent on making a den in your garden, then there are other repellents you can buy and measures you can take to deter them from doing so and you can find out more information from two organisations – the National Fox Welfare Society and the Fox Project or for more general advice, contact your local RSPCA. All of these organisations can also give you advice on general basic issues regarding the disposal of waste food and rubbish as if a fox is prepared to sit outside your house, it’s likely to enter your garden at some point if it thinks a free meal is on offer.

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